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Unlocking Tool Chest "Firebrigade" Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Unlocking Tool Chest "Firebrigade"


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896,67 €

nach DIN 14800-SWK

Fire-fighting equipment for fire-fighting and rescue service vehicles.

This norm applies to a unlocking tool chest that contains door and window opening tools which are often used by fire brigades and rescue teams in practical operation.
The content of the unlocking tool chest is accommodated in a stack-up transportation box out of aluminum (DIN 14880). The light metal alloy shows a high solidity and corrosion constancy.

The set contains:
1 pc. Order No. 0810   Bit-Holder with T-Handle for bits 1/4"
1 pc. Order No. 1003   ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for Profil Cylinder Locks, 14.7 mm diameter
1 pc. Order No. 1005   ZIEH-FIX® “BELL”
1 pc. Order No. 1005-RA.PROX   Proxxon-Speeder Ratchet, width across flats 17 and 19
1 pc. Order No. 1061-E   Cutting- and Lubricating Spray, 100 ml
1 pc. Order No. 1068   Metal Universal Key for Profile Cylinder without square drive
1 pc. Order No. 1076   Cork Screw Door Latch Retractor Set
1 pc. Order No. 1079   Door Latch Opening Spatula
1 pc. Order No. 1085-D-SET   Door Latch Opener Set,
Wires with Handle, 1.5 mm diameter and 1.75 mm diameter
1 pc. Order No. 1094   ZIEH-FIX® Door Fitting Lifter
1 pc. Order No. 1096   ZIEH-FIX® Door Square, 8 mm, for 72er distance
1 pc. Order No. 1096-FH   ZIEH-FIX® Door Square, 9 mm
1 pc. Order No. 1097   ZIEH-FIX® Door Square, 10 mm, for 92er distance
1 pc. Order No. 1202-50   ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Extra", 50 pcs., 4.2 mm diameter
1 pc. Order No. 1203-50  ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Super", 50 pcs., 4.8 mm diameter
1 pc. Order No. 1204-50  ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Super", 50 pcs., 5.5 mm diameter
1 pc. Order No. 1301   Profile Cylinder, 30/30 mm
1 pc. Order No. 1402   Bit Set, 1/4", c/w 9 bits with magnetic bit extension
1 pc. Order No. 1403   Bit, 1/4", Screw-Driver, torx, TI-coated, Tx20
1 pc. Order No. 1403-ESH   Screw-driving adapter for the special pull-screws, 1/4", with Bit Tx20
1 pc. Order No. 3505   Tilting Window Opener, Complete Set


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